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The last leg of the race will be the 5km run along the seafront with stunning views out over the water.

The outward leg will see you run from transition along the top of Tankerton slopes before turning down onto the flat prominade. There will be a short cross country section to add a technical element to the run. At the turn around you will turn back on yourself and then vear left along a large 'C' shaped path before rejoining the prominade where you will stay until you're directed up a ramp to the top of the slopes where you will sprint for the finish.

Upon crossing the finish line you will be presented with your finishers medal and greeted with music and cheering spectators. 

There will be prizes for Male and Female 1st 2nd and 3rd, age group prizes and for the winning team.

Click the link to view run detail in full

Please remember that the run course will be on open public areas and along the prominade. We dont anticipate the course to have a lot of traffic due to the early start time, however please be alert and aware of dogs that may be off the lead and cyclists, especially along the promende section.
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